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How to Transfer Amazon Music to Google Home

As a branch brand of Google Nest, the first product of Google Home has been launched in 2016. With a few updates and upgrades, Google Home becomes one of the most popular home-appliance smart devices. Also, with the function of playing music outside like a smaller phonograph, Google Home seems to be reminiscent of the Good Old Days. The smart device is even more convenient --- you just need to speak out which song you want it to play, it will play exactly the same one, avoiding troublesomely putting the record and adjusting the right track.

transfer amazon music to google home

There are quite a few streaming services in Google Home, including Spotify Music, Youtube Music and Google Play Music. You can play music on Google Home from these platforms directly. But it doesn't include Amazon Music, so a new concern may come to some people’s mind: what if I am an Amazon Music user? How can I play Amazon Music on Google Home?

Actually, there is no need to worry. Today’s article will show you how you can make it if you are using Amazon Music. There are mainly two ways: link the Bluetooth of other devices to Google Home, or permanently download Amazon Music for offline playing.

Method 1: Link the Bluetooth of Other Devices to Google Home

Connecting the Bluetooth of your device to Google Home is a convenient way to play online Amazon Music. Just by a simple click or nudge, you can switch any songs you want to play at any time!

Step 1: Pair your mobile device/computer with Google Home

Bluetooth settings of your mobile device: Enable 'Bluetooth' from 'Settings'.

Bluetooth settings of your computer:

Windows OS:

1. Select 'Start' and type in 'Bluetooth' to launch the Bluetooth settings.

2. Turn on Bluetooth.

Mac OS:

1. Click 'Apple Menu' and go to 'System Preferences'.

2. Find 'Bluetooth' icon and turn it on.

Bluetooth settings of Google Home App:

1. Open the Google Home App and tap 'Devices'.

2. Find the device you want to pair with and tap the menu: 'Settings' > 'General Settings' > 'Paired Bluetooth devices' > 'Enable Pairing Mode'.

Step 2: Connect your mobile device/computer with Google Home

1. Open Bluetooth settings on your mobile device.

2. Under 'Available devices', tap the Google Home you paired to your mobile device.

Step 3:Play your Amazon Music

Once your device/computer has successfully connected with Google Home via Bluetooth, you can play Amazon Music on your device/computer as usual. Then you can enjoy your favorite Amazon Music played by Google Home.

The merits of this method, however, could not overshadow its defects. First, Bluetooth has a strict requirement of distance, once you move your connected device a little bit further, the smart speaker would stop playing. Second, you are actually wasting inessential electricity by using two electronic products at the same time. Once the battery of your connected device dies out, then everything will crash. So, instead of Bluetooth connecting, we highly recommend you to try the second method in the later explanation.

Method 2: Transfer Offline Amazon Music to Google Home

By this method, you can download permanent Amazon Music files in playable formats and then transfer them to Google Home for offline playing.

Required Tool: TuneCable iMazon Recorder

TuneCable iMazon Recorder (Windows/Mac) is able to convert Amazon Music into plain formats (MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF or ALAC) at fast speed, and at the same time the program amazingly maintains the original audio quality and the complete ID3 Tags. As so, users are able to sort out the converted files by artists/albums.

Key Features of TuneCable iMazon Music Recorder:
  • Convert Amazon Music files to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC
  • Record Prime Music and Music Unlimited at fast speed
  • Convert Amazon songs in high speed with original quality
  • Retain the ID3 Tags information after audio conversion
  • Enjoy free updates and technical support
amazon music recorder

Step 1: Launch TuneCable iMazon Music Recorder on Your Computer

Firstly, this tool is quite important for us to command if we wanna carry out this operation. Download the program and then launch it, you’ll see the main interface showing as below.

main interface

Step 2: Choose Amazon Tracks to Download

You can add Amazon Music by copying and pasting the URL of the playlist or song to TuneCable, which would read the link automatically. Or you can just open them both at the same time, dragging and dropping is also supported. Check the Amazon songs that you'd like to export to your local computer and then click OK.

choose amazon music tracks

Step 3: Choose the Mode of Output Settings

Go and tap the set parameter(Settings) icon in the upper right corner to customize output parameters. Choose the output formats, quality, path, and output file name that you prefer. Once you finish, close the window to apply settings.

    Convert Settings

  • Output Format: MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC
  • Output Quality: 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, 320kpbs
  • Output Settings

  • Output Folder: You can choose to change it or not
  • Output Name: {Track Number}, {Title}, {Artist}, {Album}, {Playlist Index}
  • Output Organized: None, Artist, Album, Artist/Album, Album/Artist
set the output parameters

Step 4: Downloading and Converting Amazon Tracks

Click the Convert button and TuneCable would instantly start exporting the Amazon Music to the local computer drive.

Attention: DO NOT PLAT MUSIC ON AMAZON when downloading songs, or it will pause the process and fail to download.

converting amazon songs

Step 5: View Download History

Once it finishes downloading, click the "Converted" icon to view the download history. All downloaded songs will be listed on screen by timeline. You can open the output folder directly too.

view converted amazon songs

Step 6: Upload Converted Amazon Music to Spotify Music App

1. Launch Spotify on your computer, then click "Edit-Preferences".

2. Scroll down to find the Local Files, turn on the buttons showed in the below pictures.

3. Click on ADD A SOURCE, now you can find all of the downloaded Amazon music files and hit OK. Then all the selected tracks will be added to Spotify successfully.


As of now, with a clear order given out, you can freely enjoy your music on Google Home!

Summary: With just a few steps, transferring Amazon Music to your home-appliance Google Home is just a piece of cake. Free your phone or computer, let expert does her thing! Speaking out the name of music can constantly switch any songs you like! All of these amazement, unsprisingly, can be accomplished by TuneCable iMazon Recorder!

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