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How to Transfer Amazon Music to Android Phone

By this tutorial, we learnt how to now simply import converted Amazon Music to Android platforms and free enjoy them all the time.

Is it a headache that you have to bill monthly or annually on Amazon Music, which is actually a big cost on entertainment. Still, if you want to have the songs at the absence of subscription and play offline, it is kind of tough due to the limits set by the streaming services. You are unable to be directly downloaded as local file. Yet, there are some useful tips you should focus on. Methods to export Amazon Music website locally as available formats like MP3 are provided below and you can learn how localize your Amazon Music as plain format and import songs to any Android phones. It is so thrilled to get these tips! Once you get the tricks to download the Amazon Music to your phone or PC, you would forever own the music and listen to them at any time.

In the whole passage, tutorial is divided into 2 parts. So let’s just get start.

keep Amazon Music playable all the time

How to Transfer Amazon Music to Android Phone?

TuneCable iMazon Recorder is an efficient program. Just customize output settings, add your Amazon Music to TuneCable and finally click "Convert" button to save them to your local computer. With this tool, you can transfer your Amazon Music to your phone's local music player at any time, anywhere. There are even no network requirements.

What’s TuneCable iMazon Recorder ?

Key Features of Amazon Music Recorder:
  • Convert Amazon Music files to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC
  • Record Prime Music & Music Unlimited at 5X faster speed
  • Convert Amazon songs in high speed with original quality
  • Remain the ID3 Tags information after audio conversion
  • Enjoy free update and technical support
amazon music converter

The following will be some detailed steps about how to convert Amazon Music that you can locailize Amazon songs in your PC then play offline:

Part 1: Convert Amazon Music as MP3 on PC

Step 1: Launch TuneCable iMazon Recorder

Launch TuneCable iMazon Recorder and the Amazon Music app will be opened automatically at the same time.

main interface

Step 2: Customize Output Settings

Click the "Settings" button in the upper right corner, where you can choose the output format - MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF and ALAC, output quality, output path and etc. Here you can also sort out the converted files by Album, Artist, Album/Artist or Artist/Album.

Format setting

Step 3: Add Amazon Music to TuneCable

Click the Add button to open the pop-up window which prompts you to drag and drop songs or a playlist from Amazon to TuneCable. TuneCable would read the Amazon Music automatically. If you'd like to choose all the songs in that playlist for converting, simply tick the first box in front of "Title" option. If not, just uncheck it.

Add files

Step 4:Export Amazon Music to Local Computer

Click "Convert" button to start the conversion and soon they'll be all saved in the output format you set in Step 2 on your local computer.


Part 2: Import music to Android phones

Now, you have successfully convert the Amazon Music as MP3 on PC. And we just import the music to your phone, which is a fast and simple process. Another tool is needed to help you smoothly complete the task. This tool is free to enjoy, so never worry about your money wasting.

Step 1:Download Syncios Android Manager on your Windows or Mac, download links are offered. Connect your OnePlus 7T Pro (for example) to PC.

Step 2:

  1. Further, you start enter the Music managemnt include Export and Add functionalities. Tap "Add" to import music into Syncios.
  2. Add the folder of converted Amazon Music on your PC. Songs soon will be synced to you Android devices.
  3. Finally, you can click on "Refresh" button to get a newlest playlist. Congrats! You now successfully localize the Amazon Music songs into your android phone. You can no more worry about no songs if you no longer subscribe Amazon.
import Amazon Music into android phone

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