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How to Import Apple Music to iMovie

If you’re a video blogger, iMovie seems like no more familiar to you, that’s a best and professional video editing tool. With simple operation and powerful functions, you can even create Hollywood-style trailers by yourselves. If you would like to make a clip with personal style, iMovie provides us limitless possibilities. You’re free to add titles, music, and sorts of effects. And when it comes to add soundtrack to a video, iMovie has more than 80 available soundtracks, or you can choose to record your voiceover to set as the soundtrack of your video.

So can we import our favorite music to the iMovie? Yes, you can. Can we import music from some mainstream music platform, like Apple Music? The answer is you can’t do that due to some reasons. The Apple Music are all under protection mode, that’s to say, Apple forbid you to transfer these protected music to another programs, computers or portable devices. Certainly, you still can achieve the steps by professional tool, just read this article to learn record and convert Apple Music, then import the well-converted Apple Music to the iMovie video projects with ease.

Apple Music to iMovie

Required Tool: TuneCable Apple Music Converter

To convert Apple Music songs in common audio format, and then import them to iMovie. You need a powerful tool, that’s TuneCable iMusic Converter, which can help you record and convert Apple Music, audiobooks, or other types of music from Apple Music or iTunes Library to unprotected MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV or AIFF format. In that way, you can take Apple Music outside from designated platform and import the songs to iMovie for using on a video project. This program has both Windows and Mac version to meet different requirements.

Key Features of TuneCable Apple Music Converter:
  • Record iTunes M4P music, podcasts, audiobooks, Apple Music
  • Convert Apple Music files to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC
  • Convert iTunes audio at 10X faster speed with lossless quality
  • Keep ID3 Tags information after conversion
  • Enjoy free update & technical support
apple music converter

Part 1: Record & Convert Apple Music to MP3/AAC/WAV Files

Step 1: Install and Launch Apple Music Converter

First of all, run TuneCable Apple Music Converter on computer. Click on '+' button in the middle of the interface to select Apple Music songs from iTunes Library to load.

launch apple music converter

Step 2: Select Apple Music You Wish to Convert

The program will automatically scan and load your iTunes library in the list, in that way, you only need to check items that what you're going to download & convert, and click on 'OK' button to continue.

Add files

Step 3: Record Apple Music Tracks as the Format You Like

Hit on the 'Settings' icon from the top-right corner. You’re supposed to set up output format (MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF or ALAC), conversation mode (Intelligent Mode, iTunes Record, YouTube Download), output quality (128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps and 320kbps), output path (any local path with enough free storage space) and more in the Setting window. When everything get prepared, close this pop-up window and start the convert process.

convert settings

Step 4: Start to Convert the Selected Apple Music

Now, tap on 'Convert' button to save Apple Music as MP3 or other common formats. Once finished converting, the program will inform you how many new-converted songs you have now. Then if would like to browse the songs in local, just click on the ‘ ’ icon to directly navigate to the location that save your output results or go to ‘ ’ to find the customized/default save path.

Note: If you’re under an unable network environment, please choose to slow down the converting speed to 1x to ensure the audio quality.

start to convert apple music

Part 2: Import the Converted Apple Music to iMovie

Now it’s time to import your well-converted Apple Music to iMovie for using in a video project:

Import the Converted Apple Music to iMovie (macOS)

Step 1: Launch iMovie program on your Mac, open a movie item you wish to edit.

Step 2:Click on ‘Import’ option to add the converted song to iMovie. Find the output folder and then choose the Apple Music song from it, then click ‘Import Selected’.

import Apple Music to Macbook iMovie

Import the Converted Apple Music to iMovie (iOS)

Step 1: New a playlist on your iTunes Library and put the well-converted songs into it, then choose to sync your songs on iTunes Library with your iPhone, select 'Apply' to begin the process.

put the songs into iTunes

Step 2: Launch iMovie app on your iPhone, tap on 'Create Project'/'Import Project' option.

import Apple Music to iPhone iMovie

Step 3: Choose a video clip from your phone, and click on ‘Create Movie’. Tap on the ‘Add’ button to add audio from ‘My Music’ (your iTunes Library), choose the new playlist that save the converted song, and select the target music to add to iMovie.

import Apple Music to iPhone iMovie


To import a favorite Apple Music file to iMovie, then set it as background music of your video, simply install TuneCable Apple Music Converter to convert the music with lossless quality as unprotected MP3, AAC, WAV and more formats.

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