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How to Convert Apple Music AAC to MP3 Format

As Apple Music is encoded AAC format, Apple has suggested users from MP3 to AAC. Nevertheless, AAC files can only be played using iPod, iPhone, iPad and applications that support QuickTime. While its processor MP3 has proven surprisingly robust and remains the most supported format for all current portable devices. These two file types provide almost similar audio quality. MP3 files can only store two channels of synchronous audio compared to AAC's 48 channels. This specification lets you compress multichannel audio on AAC with less hassle. You'll also have an easier time working with surround sound mixes. Whenever you download or convert your music, MP3 will be commonly acceptable format. But it is kind of headache if we want to sync the Apple Music to other players, not just limited to iOS devices, the best solution to it is to convert the Apple Music AAC to MP3 format.

convert apple music aac to mp3 format

Why choose TuneCable iMusic Converter?

TuneCable Apple Music Converter performs audio-format conversion feature with MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A & AIFF , making Apple Music possible to be compatible with various portable players. Sounds after conversion to MP3 are as good as the original AAC encoded files. You can just convert the Apple Music to what device really requires. Plus, the converted songs will save in your computer local storage. You can directly transfer them to any players you want. This is going to literally play your Apple Music free of iTunes player.

Windown and Mac version of TuneCable iMusic Converter are available, get the one you need: Windows Version / Mac Version

What you can do with TuneCable Apple iMusic Converter?

Key Features of TuneCable Apple Music Converter:
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC & AIFF format.
  • Support to convert a batch of audio files at 10X faster speed.
  • Convert iTunes audio or podcasts with lossless quality
  • Keep ID3 Tags information.
  • Enjoy free update & technical support
apple music converter

How to Convert Apple Music AAC to MP3 Format?

Step 1:Download TuneCable iMusic Converter on computer.

Make sure you have installed iTunes app on computer. But you do not have to run it when converting the Apple Music. TuneCable iMusic Converter will read and extract your iTunes music as long as you have logged in your iTunes account on iTunes before. If not, sign in and let TuneCable access to your Apple Music easier.

launch apple music converter

Step 2: Add iTunes music to Apple Music Converter

Now run the music converter, you can see the instructions indicating on the first coming screen: "Please click Add to choose music to convert". Follow it to tap the functional button below. It will then pop up a window with your Apple Music playlist. These songs are exactly the audio files stored on your iTunes, including the purchased songs and the music uploaded to iTunes. What you do next is to selectively choose your desired songs to convert. Or you can have a batch choice by tapping the top checkbox. And tap OK.

Add files

Step 3: Customize Apple Music Output as MP3 Format on Settings

Before you operate the conversion, do an output format custom-made. This means to customize the format for the output Apple Music. Go to the Settings switch upper right the screen and check MP3 as the format to convert to. At the same time, do some routine settings like output folder path, output file names, and how you want to organize the output playlist by either Artist, Album or first Artist/Album then Album/Artist.

convert settings

Step 4: Start to convert the selected Apple songs

Right now, you can start a real conversion process. Just tap the obvious Convert button to proceed. You can stop the conversion by an Abort button whenever you need to do some adjustment. And then still tap it to continue until all settle download. All selected Apple Music will then be converted to your desired MP3 format. And all the songs ID3 tags remain the same as before.

start to convert apple music

Step 5: View Converted Apple Music MP3 Format

After conversion, you can view converted songs in "Converted" module. You can edit the tag or go to visit the saving path directly. There are some tools you can take full advantage of within the TuneCable converter. An independent Format Converter allows to convert PC local songs to various formats. You can further convert your converted Apple Music to formats like M4A, FLAC, WAV, OGG and AIFF. Yes, if you want to convert music to AAC instead, you can the same use this TuneCable tool to achieve it. And if you like songs' convers, you can use the Edit Tag to add it with your favorite pictures.

conversion history
conversion history

Summary: While you are trying hard to convert the Apple Music with an online website, a convenient desktop app facilitates you to convert and organize Apple Music collection at ease. Get TuneCable Apple Music Converter, you can convert and edit your Apple Music at any time.

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