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How to Find & Download Spotify Wrapped

As another year fades into memory, we engage in the ritual of reflecting on our personal and professional journey, bracing ourselves for the adventures of the forthcoming year. Have your aspirations for the year found fruition? Perhaps, not a single checkbox has been ticked. But here's what truly matters - you can look back at 2023 with a sense of resilience, declaring, "It's alright, I survived." Through thick and thin, through the storms of uncertainty, you stood tall. And with this resilience, you carry the courage to embrace the challenges of the new year.

With Spotify’s year-long companionship, you have now emerged into another year, and Spotify has presented you with a comprehensive report to recap the past 12 months. Spotify Wrapped showcases your musical preferences, favorite artists, and albums from the past year. This much-anticipated annual tradition has become a cherished opportunity for users to revisit their musical journeys and share them with friends. Since Spotify Wrapped is tailored to your tastes, wouldn’t it be a treat to download all your Wrapped songs, albums, and playlists simultaneously? Let’s delve into how to access your Spotify Wrapped 2023 report, how to download Wrapped songs as local MP3 files, and everything else you wish to explore.

Download Spotify Wrapped

❖ Part 1: What is Spotify Wrapped?

Perhaps your plans for the year did not unfold as you envisioned. Still, we assess our achievements, evaluate our shortcomings, and set new goals for the future. Today, let's start with a Spotify Wrapped report.

» Part 1.1: What is Spotify Wrapped?

The Spotify Wrapped campaign was launched in 2016 and has been running ever since. In this era of big data, apps strive to provide a more personalized and customized experience for users by generating recommendations based on their habits. This not only enhances the entertainment value of the program but also increases user engagement. Spotify Wrapped is one such tool that aims to increase user interaction.

As you journey through another twelve months, you'll undoubtedly want to take a trip down memory lane with Spotify and relive your musical journey from the past year. Spotify provides you with an annual report that summarizes your favorite artists, songs, genres, podcasts, and listening time in a vivid and interesting graphic manner. In addition to conducting in-depth surveys on each user's listening habits and generating individual reports, it also showcases the most-listened-to content on the Spotify platform throughout the year. This helps users discover new artists and playlists they may enjoy.

spotify wrapped 2023

» Part 1.2: What Does Spotify Wrapped Show You?

In previous years, several core features have been present in Spotify Wrapped:

1. Your Listening Personality: Based on your listening habits throughout the past year, Spotify Wrapped identifies your music personality using four metrics: "Familiarity (F) vs. Exploration (E)", "Loyalty (L) vs. Variety (V)", "Timelessness (T) vs. Novelty (N)", and "Commonality (C) vs. Uniqueness (U)". After completing the music-taste test, you will discover which of the 16 possible listening personalities you belong to, including The Adventurer, The Early Adopter, The Deep Diver, The Devotee, The Replayer, The Connoisseur, The Maverick, The Fan Clubber, The Top Charter, The Euphorist, The Time Traveler, The Musicologist, The Nomad, The Voyager, The Jukeboxer, and The Specialist. So, what's your result?

spotify wrapped 2023 personality

2. Audio Day: By gathering data on your music listening habits across various times of the day, it provides a comprehensive overview of your preferences for different genres of songs and podcasts within a 24-hour period.

3. Your Artist Messages: A lucky Spotify user can trigger this function after frequently listening to a particular artist's album. This feature stables the connection between music fans and their preferred artists, enabling direct communication from the artist to their frequent listeners. The selected eligible fans can access the Artist Messages through both the Spotify app and web player. This feature brings text, pictures, videos, and other content from your favorite artists straight to you, while also providing an opportunity for you to provide feedback to them.

4. Share Wrapped Cards: Spotify Wrapped Cards is a segment of the Spotify Wrapped feature. Its purpose is to provide users with a visual representation of the different listening categories from January to October, including the songs, artists, genres, and podcasts users most frequently listened to. Users can access their Wrapped Cards and share them with family and friends by posting them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X (previously known as Twitter), Snapchat, and TikTok. Each year, these cards showcase a broken down range of Spotify Wrapped data categories, including:

  • My Top Genres
  • Audio Day (including music listened to during “My mornings,” “My afternoon,” and “My nights”)
  • My Minutes Listened
  • My Top Song
  • My Top Songs
  • My Top Artist
  • My Top Artists

» Part 1.3: What's New About Spotify Wrapped 2023?

1. Me in 2023: Spotify's "Me in 2023" is an innovative feature that utilizes machine learning algorithms to anticipate the music you may enjoy listening to in the future, taking into account your past music habits and preferences, in addition to current trending music. This feature categorizes your musical taste into one of twelve distinct personas, including Alchemist, Collector, Cyclops, Fanatic, Hunter, Hypnotist, Luminary, Mastermind, Roboticist, Shapeshifter, Time Traveler, or Vampire.

spotify wrapped me in 2023

2. Sound Town: With this feature, Spotify identifies the city in accordance with your preferred music type. The result can be found on the third page of Spotify Wrapped. You are encouraged to share your Sound Town with social media, as Spotify Wrapped has introduced this new function for users to show off their unique taste in music interactively.

spotify wrapped 2023 sound town

3. Top 5 Genres: After delving into your music preferences, this page illustrates the top 5 genres, presented in a fun and intuitive sandwich design.

» Part 1.4: What's Displayed in Spotify Wrapped's Most Streamed?

In this section, Spotify compiles global data and presents lists of the most streamed songs, albums, artists, and podcasts.

Most-Streamed Artists Globally

  • 1. Bad Bunny
  • 2. Taylor Swift
  • 3. Drake
  • 4. The Weeknd
  • 5. BTS
  • Most-Streamed Albums Globally

  • 1. "Un Verano Sin Ti" by Bad Bunny
  • 2. "Harry's House" by Harry Styles
  • 3. "SOUR" by Olivia Rodrigo
  • 4. "=" by Ed Sheeran
  • 5. "Planet Her" by Doja Cat
  • Most-Streamed Songs Globally

  • 1. "As It Was" by Harry Styles
  • 2. "Heat Waves" by Glass Animals
  • 3. "STAY (with Justin Bieber)" by The Kid LAROI
  • 4. "Me Porto Bonito" by Bad Bunny feat. Chencho Corleon
  • 5. "Tití Me Preguntó" by Bad Bunny
  • Most-Streamed Podcasts Globally

  • 1. The Joe Rogan Experience
  • 2. Call Her Daddy
  • 3. Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain
  • 4. Case 63 (All Languages)
  • 5. Crime Junkie

  • ❖ Part 2: How to Find Spotify Wrapped 2023

    Spotify Wrapped is incapable of generating a report for users who haven't signed up for Spotify yet or those who have listened to at least 30 songs in a year, with each track by at least 5 different artists, and each track lasting longer than 30 seconds. If you are not one of them, you can access your Spotify Wrapped easily.

    » Part 2.1: Where Do I Find My Spotify Wrapped on Android / iOS?

    Step 1: On your mobile phone or tablet, open Spotify and log in.

    Step 2: There are 4 channels that enable you to get your Spotify Wrapped story.

    • Press on the "Your 2023 Wrapped" banner to enter.
    • Alternatively, click on the "Wrapped" label in the top bar.
    • Or you can go to to orient you to the Wrapped screen inside your Spotify for iOS or Android app.
    • Or go to the search box and enter "Wrapped" to check more Spotify Wrapped features.

    Step 3: In the Spotify Wrapped screen, you will browse your Wrapped data.

    find spotify wrapped 2023 on modile

    » Part 2.2: Where Do I Find My Spotify Wrapped on Desktop?

    Step 1: Start the Spotify app or open the Spotify web player in a browser and log in to your account.

    Step 2: On the primary interface, the "Your 2023 Wrapped" banner is displayed. Tap on the "Check it Out" button and it will direct you to the Spotify Wrapped website. Soon after, you can view your Wrapped of 2023.

    Step 3: Instead, you can also check your Spotify Wrapped 2023 stats through

    check spotify wrapped 2023 on computer

    ❖ Part 3: How to Find Old Spotify Wrapped

    People usually engage in Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year to relive their music journey. However, part of users suddenly think of accessing their old Spotify Wrapped from previous years. In this part, we will lead you to find old Spotify Wrapped and savor recalling your musical recollections.

    Spotify Wrapped is more like a special event in November or December since its launch in 2016. After crossing the deadline of the Spotify Wrapped season, every Wrapped story was saved to a specific URL that you can open through Spotify.

    Step 1: Open the Spotify official website using a website browser:

    Step 2: Navigate to your old Spotify Wrapped page via the specific links:

    • Spotify Wrapped 2022:
    • Spotify Wrapped 2021:
    • Spotify Wrapped 2020:
    • Spotify Wrapped 2019:
    • Spotify Wrapped 2018:
    • Spotify Wrapped 2017:

    Note: Can you access your old Spotify Wrapped? If you've got nothing, it's not a trick. You just didn't generate it that year.

    ❖ Part 4: How to Download Spotify Wrapped

    Spotify Wrapped will summarize nearly 100 of your favorite songs for you. Simply click the "Add to Your Library" button, and these songs will all be added to your Library. You'll find that the "Your Top Songs 2023" playlist is already waiting for you in your Library.

    The songs, albums, artists, playlists, or podcasts that appear in your Spotify annual report are undoubtedly your favorites. You may be thinking about how to download all of these contents offline. If you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, simply click the "download icon", and you can listen to your Spotify Wrapped content offline. However, if you are only a free user, or if you need to download these songs as unencrypted MP3 files for perpetual preservation, then you can use some additional help.

    Let's read through all sections to get your Spotify Wrapped playlist stored successfully.

    » Part 4.1: How to Download Spotify Wrapped as Local MP3 Songs

    Free users of Spotify think about unlocking offline downloading and removing ads while Premium users focus on getting rid of limitations imposed on Spotify downloads. TuneCable Spotify Music Converter, a perfect solution for both Spotify Free and Premium subscribers, is in focus since it provides professional effort in converting various audio files from Spotify. Unlike other common recording tools, it achieves the conversion of multiple albums and playlists in bulk at 10x faster speed. Furthermore, MP3 is not the only output format option. It facilitates the export of your Spotify songs in multiple popular formats, such as AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC, catering to diverse uses with various programs on different operating systems. The converted songs will be preserved forever unless you clear them from your local PC manually. A frequent renewal to Spotify Premium is not your urgent choice anymore.

    spotify music downloader

      TuneCable Spotify Downloader

      🔹 Download Spotify songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts.

      🔹 Convert Spotify's music to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC.

      🔹 Retain full ID3 tags & Spotify original audio quality.

      🔹 Run at 10x faster conversion speed & batch download.

      🔹 Sort Spotify music files by playlist, artist, album, etc.

      🔹 Offer tools (Format Converter, Tag Edit, etc.) & save lyrics.

      🔹 Activate the permanent playback of Spotify music.

      🔹 Support Spotify Free or Spotify Premium account.

    Step 1: Start TuneCable Spotify Downloader

    Download the Windows version or Mac version of the TuneCable Spotify Downloader. Double-click the app icon to start it. On the primary interface, pick a preferred music source, either recording from the Spotify app or from the Spotify Web Player. The audio quality of music within Spotify Web Player would be lower. But it's victorious in faster conversion speed. Anyway, it's up to you.

    After your selection, the Spotify app or built-in Spotify web player will open accordingly.

    tunecable spotify music converter

    Step 2: Add the Wanted Spotify Songs

    If you download your Spotify 2023 Wrapped songs from the Spotify app, you can directly go to your Library, then navigate to your Wrapped playlist, and then drag and drop it to the TuneCable homepage where it marks "Drag the music here".

    If you download your Spotify 2023 Wrapped songs from the Spotify web player, find the Wrapped playlist in your Library, and then hit on the suspending button "Click to add" in the lower right to add songs.

    spotify wrapped 2023 playlist

    TuneCable shows you a list of available songs. Tick off the check boxes next to the desired tracks, then tap on the "Add" button to throw them to the task list.

    add spotify wrapped 2023 songs to download

    Step 3: Alter the Output Settings of Spotify Files

    Prior to a rush conversion, jump to the "Settings" section to scheme a personal output plan. In the Output Format setting, you can set it as "MP3" for exporting Spotify songs as local MP3 files. The changes to the bit rate and sample rate will affect the audio quality.

    If you tick off the check box next to "Save lyrics", you will get a complete text document of the lyrics. Choose a proper saving path to ensure enough space in case you want to keep them here forever.

    If you want to store all songs in the "Your Top Songs 2023" playlist in one folder, you can choose "Playlist" in the "Output Organized" setting.

    • Conversion Mode: Intelligent Mode, Spotify Record/Web Download, YouTube Download
    • Convert Speed: Can be adjusted from 1x to 10x under Spotify Record conversion mode
    • Output Format: Auto, MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC
    • Bit Rate: 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps
    • Sample Rate: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz
    • Output Folder: To your preference
    • Output File Name: Track Number, Title, Artist, Album, Playlist Index, Year
    • Output Organized: None, Playlist, Artist, Album, Artist/Album, Album/Artist, Playlist/Artist, Playlist/Album
    settings of spotify wrapped 2023

    Step 4: Convert Spotify Songs to Local Files

    When the settings are changed to your preferences, go back to the "Home" column. Tap on "Add More" when you are about to convert more songs in bulk. Otherwise, hit on "Convert" to conduct an instant conversion

    convert spotify wrapped 2023 songs to mp3
    converting spotify wrapped 2023 songs to mp3

    Step 5: Check the Downloaded Spotify Songs

    When the output folder pops up, all songs are converted successfully. Under the "Converted" section, you can check the download history and locate the song by clicking on the "folder icon" output foldernext to each track.

    store spotify wrapped 2023 songs as local mp3

    After ticking off some tracks, you can tap on the "tool icon" music tools to edit the ID3 tags, burn them to a CD, or export them to iTunes directly.

    Since we've turned the Spotify Wrapped songs into unencrypted MP3 files, we are not hindered from moving them to an Android device, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, adding them to DJ software, or even importing them to a Premiere Pro project freely.

    more tools for spotify wrapped 2023 songs

    » Part 4.2: How to Download Spotify Wrapped to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

    Once you've downloaded Spotify Wrapped songs as local MP3 files on your computer by following Part 4.1, you can transfer them to your iPhone easily. Here are some detailed steps you can refer to.

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    ▸ Sync Spotify Wrapped Playlist to iOS on Win:

    Step 1: Open the iTunes app on your Windows PC, click on the "device icon" device above the left sidebar. For Mac users, open the "Music" app,

    Step 2: Go to "Summary" under the "Settings" column. In the right panel, scroll down to "Options".

    Step 3: Deselect "Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected", and tick off "Manually manage music and videos". Click "Apply" in the lower right to enable manual transfer mode for your device. It's a necessary step that protects the existing playlists on your iPhone from overwriting.

    sync settings on itunes

    Step 4: Go to the "Music" tab under the "On My Device" section. (Note!!! It's not the "Music" tab under "Settings" but the "Music" tab under "On My Device".

    Step 5: Open the output folder where the Spotify Wrapped songs are stored.

    Step 6: Drag and drop any song to this "Music" page.

    add songs to iphone on itunes

    Step 7: Then right-click on the song and choose "Add to Playlist" > "New Playlist".

    create playlist on iphone

    Step 8: Enter a name for the new playlist. Here we name it "Spotify Wrapped 2023".

    create spotify wrapped 2023 playlist on iphone

    Step 9: Drag and drop other songs from the local PC to this "Spotify Wrapped 2023" playlist.

    Tips: You can choose multiple songs by holding press the left mouse cursor and swiping from right to left. Or you can press the "Ctrl" key to manually select your desired tracks one by one.

    add spotify wrapped 2023 songs to iphone

    Step 10: After adding all songs, go to the lower right and click on "Sync" to start uploading this playlist to your iPhone.

    Step 11: Open your iPhone, start the "Music" app, and go to "Library > Playlist".

    Step 12: Here you will find the newly imported "Spotify Wrapped 2023" playlist. You can freely enjoy the offline playback on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. And other existing playlists on your iPhone are not removed.

    offline playback of spotify wrapped 2023 on iphone

    ▸ Sync Spotify Wrapped Playlist to iOS on Mac:

    Step 1: In the left menu bar, under the "Device" tab, and click on "iPhone" (your device name).

    Step 2: Open the output folder where the Spotify Wrapped songs are stored. Drag and drop any song to the Music app.

    iphone device on music app

    Note: If you are not allowed to manually add songs, go to the top right, and click on "Sync Settings". Then go to "iPhone" under "Locations" in the left sidebar, and under "General, deselect "Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected", and select "Manually manage music, movies, and TV shows". Then click "Apply" in the lower right.

    manage iphone storage on mac

    Step 3: After that, go to your iPhone, and open the "Music" app, you will see the newly added songs.

    Step 4: If you want to move all Wrapped songs to a playlist, go to "Library > Playlist", and click on the "+" above the list to generate a new playlist.

    Step 5: Give it a name, like "Spotify Wrapped 2023". Then you can click on "Add Music" to import songs you prefer to this playlist.

    songs in spotify wrapped 2023 playlist

    » Part 4.3: How to Download Spotify Wrapped to Android

    Followed by converting Spotify Wrapped songs to local MP3 files in Part 4.1, we are enabled to transfer the songs to an Android device.

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    Step 1: Get your Android phone connected to the computer via a USB cable. On the phone's home screen, swipe down from the top, then choose "Connection mode" or "Settings". Then in the drop-down list, select "Transfer File" or "MTP" as the connection mode.

    connect android to pc

    Step 2: Once the Android phone is connected successfully, navigate to This PC" and open the "internal storage" of the Android phone.

    Step 3: Within this storage, locate the "Music" folder. From here, you can copy the Spotify Music folders from the computer to the "Music" folder on the phone. Directly import the entire folder is allowed. Once copied, disconnect your phone from the computer.

    move spotify wrapped 2023 playlist to android

    Step 4: Simply launch any music app or media player on your Android device. Once it's open, navigate to its "Library" section. From there, choose the "All songs" or "Local songs" category.

    Step 5: By default, the newly imported Spotify songs will be added to the music list. If they haven't been loaded, navigate to the top menu and select an option like "Scan local songs" to load the songs from your local storage.

    Step 6: After a short period of time, the music list will be updated. Once it's refreshed, you can start playing the newly added Spotify songs offline.

    offline play spotify wrapped 2023 songs on android

    ❖ Part 5: How to Share Spotify Wrapped Story

    Spotify has developed the Spotify Wrapped feature not only to help you understand your music journey but also to increase interaction among users and take this opportunity to advertise Spotify for free. Therefore, users can share their Spotify Wrapped Cards on various popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, etc. If you also want to share your music story, you can do so by following these steps:

    Step 1: Start the Spotify app on your mobile or PC.

    Step 2: Press on the "Your 2023 Wrapped" tab on the primary page.

    Step 3: Navigate to the Wrapped card you want to share, and let it play out.

    Step 4: When the presentation stops, you will see the "Share this Story", click on it.

    Step 5: Simply choose the platform you'd like to share the Wrapped card on.

    share spotify wrapped cards on social media

    ❖ Part 6: FAQs About Spotify Wrapped 2023

    Q: Can I Access Spotify Wrapped without Premium?

      A: Yes, Spotify Wrapped will not shut out any Spotify Free or Premium users.

    Q: Why can't I see Spotify Wrapped 2023, or is it not working?

      A: You are required to listen to at least 30 songs in 2023 with each track by at least 5 different artists, and each track lasting longer than 30 seconds. If you fulfill the aforementioned criteria, it's still not working, you can try these solutions: log out and then log in back, update the Spotify app to the latest version, and search 2023 Wrapped in the Spotify app or web player directly, check the internet connection, clear Spotify caches, or restart your device.

    Q: Can I share the Spotify Wrapped 2023 playlist as a file?

      A: You can share your Wrapped cards on social media, but if you aspire to avail of Spotify Wrapped 2023 playlist in more ways, like sharing it as a file, you should download them as local MP3 files via TuneCable Spotify Downloader. After that, the Wrapped songs can be shared with anyone as a file.

    Q: Can I see my friends' Spotify Wrapped 2023?

      A: No, you cannot. The Spotify Wrapped story is a personal creation and can only be accessed by you. If you are bursting with excitement and want to share your musical journey, you can post your Wrapped cards on social media platforms. In this way, your friends can get a peek at the intriguing story that Spotify and you have created. Alternatively, you can approach your friends and let them view your Spotify Wrapped story directly on your device.

    Q: Does Spotify Wrapped 2023 include podcasts and audiobooks?

      A: Indeed, Spotify Wrapped 2023 not only encompasses a diverse range of musical genres but also incorporates aa podcasts and audiobooks. This year, Spotify has specially launched 150,000 audiobooks for its valued members at no extra cost, which undoubtedly challenges Amazon and Audible. Through the sophisticated platform of Spotify Wrapped, users are granted a profound journey into the musical, podcasting, and now audiobook realms that have defined their year.

    ❖ The Final Words:

    This post covers everything you need about Spotify Wrapped 2023. Let's follow this article to generate your Spotify Wrapped story for the perfect curtain call at the end of 2023. Then we come to the new year of 2024. What will your story be next time? Let's start the musical journey from scratch.

    Don't forget to take this TuneCable Spotify Music Downloader as a company in case you need to download Spotify Wrapped playlists as local MP3 files anytime.

    TipsWhat's next? Download TuneCable Spotify Music Downloader now!