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Best Free Music Sites to Download Songs Legally

author By Ava Morrison
Updated on: May 15, 2024
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People are pleased with streaming music online these days. The prosperity of the digital age affects the way people listen to and download music. It costs you too much to buy albums from streaming music services. In this article, we've collected the 15 best free music sources to get the songs downloaded for offline use. You can download free MP3 songs or audios of other formats from those websites for personal listening, adding to videos, mixing with DJ programs, sharing with friends, and so on. Let's go through all options in this post and vote for the best.

Best Free Music Sites to Download Songs Legally

1. Spotify Music: Spotify music to mp3 downloader

Have you ever used Spotify? In most cases, the answer is "Yes". Spotify is hailed as one of the largest music streaming service providers with over 433 million monthly active users, including 188 million paying subscribers. It surpasses other streaming services with its ultra-comprehensive audio resources. It's known that only subscribing to Spotify Music gains you admission to downloading offline music. Free users are limited to online listening. And you have to bear the annoying ads while you are a free member. Since Spotify is one of the top ways to avail of pop music, classic music, and other audio, we shouldn't quit easily. Thankfully, there is another way to download Spotify music in MP3 formats with a Spotify Free plan. A Spotify to MP3 converter can be your savior to help you out. Let's check how to use this magic tool to make Spotify a free music library to back you up.

Key features of Spotify Music Converter:

Pros Cons
Download over 80 million tracks. Require to upgrade to download high-quality songs.
Download Spotify Music with the original audio quality kept.
Download Spotify Music in common MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC format.
10X faster speed to batch converts several Spotify playlists.
Retain the whole ID3 Tags of each Spotify track.
Permanently playback of the Spotify music after the conversion.
Available for both Spotify Free and Premium users.
The downloaded Spotify songs can be playable via an SD card, USB, DJ, phone, etc.

How to download high-quality Spotify music to MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF/ALAC:

Step 1: Get the TuneCable Spotify Music converter started. The Spotify Music app will open itself.

tunecable spotify downloader main interface

Step 2: Log in to Spotify with a free account. Drag a song, album, or playlist from Spotify to TuneCable.

Step 3: After a while, the songs will be loaded and you can choose songs to download, then click on "OK".

drag and drop spotify music to tunecable

Step 4: Click the "Settings" icon in the top right and adjust the output formats, quality, saving path, etc.

adjust output settings

Step 5: Hit on the "Convert" button to start downloading the songs to the local PC in common formats.

offline play spotify songs for free

Step 6: Transfer the downloaded songs to any device for offline playback and further use unlimitedly.

2. Tidal Music: Tidal music to mp3 downloader

Tidal has fared successfully since it's launched in March 2015. Tidal's Hi-Res audio streaming and MQA technology dwarf other streaming services. You won't get in trouble with music searching as it comes with 80 million tracks. Top song recommendations are updated in real-time to keep you on trend.

Tidal Free users are permitted to stream music at 160kbps with "ads interruptions". To get access to HiFi and MQA music, you need to upgrade to HiFi or HiFi Plus subscription. Offline downloading is an option for HiFi or HiFi Plus users. Despite subscribing to Tidal, you are not allowed to use these songs for any personal purpose. Only offline playback within the Tidal Music app and Tidal Music Web Player is attainable.

Don't worry, this article isn't about upsetting you. It brings you a wonderful gadget: Tidal Music Converter. With this program, all tracks in Tidal can be downloaded and used without restrictions. You can even get the songs downloaded with a Tidal Free plan.

Key features of Tidal Music Converter:

Pros Cons
Over 90 million tracks for your selection. Free users can only get 160kbps songs downloaded.
Download Tidal songs in lossless audio quality (up to master quality).
Download ad-free Tidal files offline with Tidal Free/Tidal HiFi/Tidal HiFi Plus.
Convert Tidal music to common MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC format.
Faster speed to batch convert several Tidal playlists.
Permanent playback of the Tidal music after the conversion.
Use the Tidal songs with various programs after the conversion.
The downloaded Tidal songs can be transferred to a phone, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, portable player, wearing gadget, etc.

How to download unencrypted HiFi/MQA Tidal music:

Step 1: Get the TuneCable Tidal Music converter installed. The Tidal Music app will start automatically.

main-interface of tidal music converter

Step 2: Log in to Tidal Music with any Tidal account. Drag a song, album, or playlist from Tidal to TuneCable.

Step 3: Select the Tidal songs you need, then click on "OK".

Add tidal master music to convert

Step 4: Go to the top right, and click the "Settings" icon. Then you can change the output formats, quality, saving path, etc.

settings of mqa tidal music

Step 5: Run the conversion by clicking on the "Convert" button. The songs will be converted to common formats.

download tidal songs with a free plan

Step 6: You can enjoy the free playback of these downloaded Tidal songs on any device via common media players now.

3. YouTube Music

There are two options to get free YouTube songs downloaded. Let's check them one by one.

YouTube Audio Library: YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular website for video searching. Combining with kinds of audio and music videos, YouTube is subscribed to by over 223 million fans. YouTube Audio Library allows users to filter the music they want according to genre and mood. Sign up for a YouTube account and you can access this music library and download royalty-free audio through YouTube Studio. There is not much limit on the number of downloads. But you need to understand that these are for private use only. Their copyright remains with their producers. You cannot resell or illegally commercialize it.

YouTube Music: Open your "YouTube Studio" and make an entry into the Audio Library column by clicking the "Audio Library" tab in the left sidebar. The audio of YouTube Music comes from YouTube. But unlike YouTube, YouTube Music mainly leans toward streaming music services. Free users can browse and stream YouTube's songs and music videos online. But annoying ads keep interrupting your movement. When you become a premium user of it, you are given the privilege of playing songs without ads and downloading offline. However, you need to understand that all streaming music services do not offer copyright-free music downloads. The audio you download is encrypted. Suspend the renewal of YouTube Music and you are stripped of all privileges. But even if you renew your subscription every month, those songs are still not available for unlimited use. The only solution is to install a YouTube Music Converter to remove DRM. Then you can use these downloaded songs as you like.

Pros Cons
Over 90 million songs are available. Need a Premium account to download music. (YouTube Music)
Download royalty-free audio through YouTube Audio Library. The audio quality is spotty.
Extensive selection of music, music videos, and other content.
Quickly locate the desired tracks by its unique filters.
Easy to share music with people around you.
free download songs from youtube-audio-library

4. SoundCloud:

Sign up for a free SoundCloud account and you have access to a huge library of MP3 music. With 135 million tracks, you can easily find what you need. And many of the songs on this platform are from famous artists. If you create your own music, you can share it on SoundCloud. This is an excellent platform to promote new songs. For listeners, simply click a download button to download the song they want. But some songs are restricted to listening to online.

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Pros Cons
135 million tracks for your selection. Free downloading options can be difficult.
Can place a video widget on any website. Require to register before streaming any songs.
Quickly locate the desired tracks by its unique filters.
High-quality audio can be found here.
Available for both iPhone and Android users.
Great platform to share your self-created music.
free download songs from soundcloud

5. Musopen:

Looking for a classical melody that is completely free and legal? Musopen aims at providing free music and recordings, which makes it available to music lovers free of copyright restrictions.

But when it comes to offline downloading, there are some limitations. Firstly, you should sign up as a member. Secondly, you are allowed to download only five songs a day in standard quality when you are a free user. The unlimited downloading and HD audio quality is prepared for people who own a paid account.

Pros Cons
Can find the up-and-coming artists here. Not doing a great job in hip-hop collection.
Can search music by composer, time period, genre, and more. A subscription is required to download more music.
Will be great promotion to put your music on this popular music site.
Collect 3.5 million artists from 100 countries
Able to stream all music.
free download songs from musopen

6. Audiomack:

Audiomack is an excellent choice for those who need to download popular mp3 songs and albums. It is popular among the younger generation as it provides the hottest hip-hop, electronic, and reggae songs in real-time.

Audiomack of course does not claim that all songs are available for free download. But it won't disappoint you either. Tracks and remixes from many artists here can be downloaded for free. And there is another surprise, for streaming music on PC, iOS, or Android, Audiomack, can be totally free.

Pros Cons
Able to stream music on PC, iOS, and Android. Can only download parts of songs and albums.
Free users can download songs.
Provide the most popular hits in the trending sections.
Can stream all music.
free download songs from audiomack

7. DatPiff:

Some emerging and well-known artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, and French Montana share free mixtapes on DatPiff. It gathers a crowd of rap lovers by mainly displaying hip-hop and rap music. You are enabled to download new tapes, learn about release schedules, and enjoy fan-made compilation albums on this site.

Although it allows you to download some free songs from DatPiff, there is a daily download limit. You can unlock unlimited downloads with money.

Pros Cons
Great place to locate new artists and well-known artists. Need to pay for downloading more songs per day.
Focus on mixtapes and hip-hop.
Update free music constantly.
free download songs from datpiff

8. Audionautix:

Audionautix was created when a composer named Jason Shaw wanted to share his music. You can download music legally without infringement complaints. And best of all, as the best free music download site, you can download music from Audionautix without having to sign up or share some weird link. If you're lucky enough to find the music you're looking for on this site, you can express your gratitude to the composer.

Pros Cons
Total free to download songs. All songs are composed by Jason Shaw.
No need to sign up or tangled by ads.
Browse music by genre, tempo, and other keywords.
free download songs from audionautix

9. Beatstars:

The most impressive thing about BeatStars is that its user interface is very simple and clean. And what's unique about this site is that all free and legal music downloads can be searched through this link. This saves you a lot of time searching for the desired song.

But since it also requires some commercial cooperation to make a profit. So sometimes you may also be asked to like an artist or subscribe to their YouTube channel. Also, you need to provide your email address before downloading the music for free.

Pros Cons
A quick search for free songs to download. Need to provide an email address to download songs.
Simple and clean main interface. May want your like or follow to YouTube channels of some artists.
Filter with multiple song types on this site.
free download songs from beatstars

10. Bandcamp:

Bandcamp is similar to a streaming music service, with a lot of best-selling music and some new releases that are highly recommended. But the difference is that in addition to selling music-related digital media or physical media, such as vinyl records, CDs, T-shirts, etc., it also has a channel for free downloads. Some artists who want to share their work can post their work on Bandcamp as "Free Download" or "Pay What You Want". Here you can find not only free MP3 songs but also audio in lossless formats such as FLAC, WAV, and AIFF files.

But finding songs that can be downloaded for free on this site is a challenge. You can only find the free songs you want through tags like "Free Downloads" or "Creative Commons."

Pros Cons
Plenty of songs can be downloaded for free. Can't avoid pay-per-use downloads.
Registration is not required for streaming music.
Can find all the songs by selecting a buying digital music album.
free download songs from bandcamp

11. Internet Archive:

The Internet Archive offers a very rich collection of music resources, containing over 2 million free digital audio files. Here, free music from a wide variety of artists can be downloaded free, including global hits from Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Coldplay, and Kendrick Lamar. It's a wider area, and in addition to free music, you'll also find audiobooks, podcasts, radio shows, and live music here. Another advantage is that there are also multiple choices for music download formats, such as MP3 and OGG.

What's most fascinating about it is that it has partnered with to create an archive of live music. Here you can find performances and concert audio from a large number of great artists. Music in this category is provided by many bands in the spirit of being "trade-friendly". This means that you are granted the right to freely trade parts of your music on a non-commercial basis.

However, the category of music is slightly inferior on this website. While you can sort the available tracks based on publication year, creator, language, and other filters such as most viewed, media type, subject, and subject, you can get lost because the categorization is so complicated.

Pros Cons
Provide very rich music resources. Not free to download all audios.
Freely trade live music from some of the leading artists non-commercially Too many confusing categories to locate the wanted songs.
Multiple audios: Audiobooks, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Live Music, etc.
free download songs from audio-archive

12. Free Music Archive:

Free Music Archive has been extremely popular since it was created many years ago. If you need to download free music, you must check this website. It offers a variety of genres of music that can be freely used in your creative projects. Different Creative Commons have different requirements, but some are equivalent to "ask no questions".

There are plenty of free songs out there for personal use without worrying about legality. If you need commercial use, you need to pay attention to the license associated with each individual recording.

However, the site has few songs by more famous artists. Most of the free songs you can download come from lesser-known artists.

Pros Cons
Music from types of genres. Few audios from well-known artists.
Free to download lots of songs.
Premium content available with Tribe of Noise Pro
Legal to use music for personal purposes.
free download songs from freemusicarchive

13. Jamendo Music:

What sets Jamendo Music apart from other sites is that it uses its A&R service to find partners with which artists can collaborate and help them monetize their content. This website combines music streaming and music downloading. It can help if you need to explore streaming music. It is also one of the best options if you want to download music for free. Since all songs uploaded on Jamendo Music are protected by a Creative Commons license, you avoid some copyright issues. However, this site only offers indie music, and you may have to pay for mainstream songs.

Pros Cons
Locate more emerging independent artists. Have to sign up before playing music.
Offer Royalty-free music for commercial use. Not having too much customization.
Equipped with a built-in online radio.
500,000 free MP3 songs can be found here.

14. Soundclick:

SoundClick mainly promotes songs by some emerging artists. From the artist's profile page, you can download songs for free or for a fee. Some songs require a small payment, but some things are available for free. It features that you can legally buy songs. It mainly recommends some hip-hop-style music. However, you can also find music in various other genres here. With millions of tracks on this platform, you can easily find your favorite songs. You can listen to music online without registering. But if you need to download songs, you still need an account.

Pros Cons
Easily find artists of various genres. New artists mainly.
Can stream and download songs for free. Not all songs can be downloaded for free.
Networking with other users.
Allow creating exclusive playlists.
free download songs from soundclick

15. NoiseTrade:

Noisetrade says it offers music completely free and legal to music lovers. Its main user base is book lovers and music lovers. Users can download songs uploaded by some artists on this website for free. If you like his work, you can reward him appropriately. And it allows artists to fully interact with the fan base, which can help some new artists quickly gain followers.

In order to have more interaction with fans, artists usually require you to provide a postal address or email address when offering free downloads and the use of songs. This makes it easier for artists to promote their tours or the release of a new album.

Pros Cons
Contribute to the connection between artists and fans. Not enough free songs to download.
List pop hits for your reference. Need to provide an email address.
free download songs from noisetrade

The Verdict: It's hard to figure out which one is preferable to download free songs though there are plenty of options provided in this post. A lot of research by yourself is also required. Or you can mark this post and save it to your bookmark in case you need to check the free music sites later.

Actually, songs from Spotify and Tidal can satisfy most of your requirements. Get a TuneCable Spotify Music Downloader or TuneCable Tidal Music Downloader downloaded and run it for extracting songs to the local PC. The lack of proper music tracks will never occur to you as the converters are capable of turning every music track into a local song in a common MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or ALAC format.

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