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Write A Review to Get A Free TuneCable License

Want to get a free license of TuneCable's program? Here, you have a chance to win a free license of TuneCable Spotify Downloader and TuneCable Apple Music Converter. Write down your review on social media to share your experiences and feelings of TuneCable's programs, we will check it up and give you a free license in return. Now read more details about this activity and start to write down your thoughts.

Different Ways to Win Free License

Below are 3 methods for you to select. According to your circumstances, choose one of them to share your thoughts or recommendations of TuneCable. Then you can contact our support team: [email protected] to submit your reviews. TuneCable Support Team will take 3-5 days to approve your review. After approval, you will get the free Month or Year license.

📢 Method 1: Write A Review on Blog/Website/Forum/Review Site

🔖 Below are acceptable Website/Forum for posting your review:

🔖 Below are acceptable Review Site for sharing your review:


1. These sites are not acceptable:,,,

2. In order to search out TuneCable on review sites, keywords should be set while writing down a review, e.g: Spotify Downloader, Apple Music Converter

📢 Method 2: Make A Video Review/Tutorial of TuneCable

📢 Method 3: Recommend TuneCable on SNS (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter)

Steps to Get Free License

1. You can choose one of the programs (TuneCable Spotify Downloader or TuneCable iMusic Converter) for a try. Then according to your circumstances, choose one of the way above to write down your experience or make a video clip about TuneCable.

2. Send your review link to our Support Team by emailing to [email protected], with the subject 'Review for TuneCable Free License'.

3. It will take 3-5 days to approve your review.

4. TuneCable Support Team will contact you and send the free license via email. Don't forget to check your email on time.

That's all for our 'Write a review to get a free license' activity. Looking forward to your participation.